The Magapipe Macaw is an easy to use pipe cutting machine. It uses two strong magnet rollers to keep the machine on the steel pipe. Because no chain is necessary, it saves time with preparing the machine for cutting. For great cutting accuracy, a optional steel belt can be used. Belt sizes:

  • up to 600mm
  • up to 900mm
  • up to 1200mm
  • up to 1500mm

For more info please download the brochure. Q-Cut brochure Magapipe


MAGAPIPE MACAW Magnetic pipe cutting machine

There are two sets magnetic rollers installed inside the machine body to keep the machine crawl on the pipe when cutting. It can be used for parallel, vertical and face-down cutting. The machine features compact structure, stable running and easy operation,

Optional steel belt assembly can be used to cut the big size pipe (AboveØ600mm) to assure the cutting accuracy.

The Machine body is made of aluminum alloy to make the machine light and durable.
The magnetic absorbability force is over 50kg and assures the machine attached to the pipe firmly.
Bevel angle I,Y,V(45degr)


Power: 220VAC / 110VAC
Cutting speed: 5 – 780 mm/min
Effective pipe diameter 108 – 600mm (standard)
Bigger size is possible , use steel belt
Cutting thickness: up to 50mm
Cut type: Straight and bevel (up to 45degr.)
Dimensions: 350 x 310 x 280
Weight: 20 kg